June Writing Update

A funny thing happened at the start of this month. The Good Omens TV series came out, and I lost my goddamn mind over it, and that’s pretty much been my emotional state for the entirety of June. I wish I could say I’m sorry but I’m NOT. It’s so fantastic being this into something and part of a fandom that is also collectively losing its mind in such a joyous way.

So anyway if you want to read my Good Omens fanfic, it’s over at AO3. As is a music video I made. I have it really bad for this series and with me, that means launching into a multi-chapter plot-heavy sequel thing, because of course it does.

It may not have been the worst timing, to be honest: it’s given me a chance to let CC sit a bit while I figure out where to go next. It’s also stirred loose the block I had on TOSOT (because casefic is casefic even if one involves Dartmoor and daft one-liners and the other involves Kyoto and high-octane angst, and also I have a bit of a rage-against-the-heavens thing going on) and shown me that when appropriately driven I can write 5,000 words in a day. (It’s not something I plan to make a habit of. It would burn me right up to do that too often. Still, good to know.)

So basically I’ve written something like 25,000 words in June, most of them about an angel and a demon who are So In Love, but some of them about my idiot children too, and I’m having All The Fun.

Goals for July: rotate between Celestial Chronicle, The Other Side of Twilight, and Instructions Not Included.

Also post the first three chapters of CC so people can get a look at the rewrite and where I’m going with things.

March Writing Update

So much for the best-laid plans… I’ve been battling a persistent bout of increased fatigue and immune system symptoms (which I refer to as phantom flu, and which ironically I was planning to write a blog post about this month). That’s taken up most of March.

Celestial Chronicle

Managed about 5k words of Idiot Nerds Go On Dates But Don’t Realise They’re On Dates (very important content). Sincerely wish I could draw well enough to do a manga-style page of Shoichi and Satoru having their simultaneous OH NO HE’S HOT moment.

Goals for April: I think I’m going to try a min-max approach: minimum goal is writing chapters 6 and 7, stretch goal is getting to chapter 10.

The Other Side of Twilight

Suddenly realised I’d taken a wrong turn and needed to rewrite and rethink slightly. Which is fine but has slowed me down somewhat.

Goals for April: Finish at least one more chapter of Blood and Promises. Hopefully finish the whole thing and start work on The Road to Hell.


Been working on the general worldbuilding and specifics of immediate backstory. Figured out several major things that were holding me up. The nice thing about worldbuilding is that it’s possible to do it while curled up in bed feeling too unwell to sit at a computer, and I can jot down notes on my phone. This month I’ve gone from “not ready to write anything set in this universe yet” to “okay I just need to finish coming up with names for the technobabble and characters and then I can jump in”, so that’s awesome at least!

Goals for April: maybe write a few prompts or something? I want to get CC back on track though, so we’ll see how things go.

February Writing Update

Celestial Chronicle

Chapters 1-4, ~20k words. Started rewriting at the end of January, thought I would just be editing the original text, but then it rapidly became VERY DIFFERENT and required complete rewriting from scratch. So that’s pretty good progress tbh, especially since for the last week I’ve been dealing with high fatigue, and crawling along at a couple hundred words a day.

Goal for March: another four chapters seems good, let’s see if I can hit 40k. With the streamlining that’s going on in this rewrite, that might even take us up to the labyrinth, the kiss, and the whole “wtf is happening in Kyoto” question, but I shall not underestimate my ability to go off on an exciting diversion somewhere along the way…

The Other Side of Twilight (fanfic)

Story 8, “Blood and Promises”. First 4 chapters (18k or so) have been done for like three months and I’m just sloooooowly picking my way through chapter 5. It’s hard work because I’ve got to a point where I need to start explaining some of the core mysteries I’ve been throwing about. And I have the answers, neatly labelled and outlined, but the process of working them into the story without either overloading or going into extended flashbacks is… well, it requires some very careful footwork. Plus I’m feeling out the next bit of Hisoka’s character arc: I know where I want him to end up but he’s just surprised me by taking a slightly different route to get there. And then there’s Muraki being Muraki, and there are some days when I’m not quite up to writing that.

Goal for March: finish “Blood and Promises”, get far enough into “The Road to Hell” to feel confident I won’t need to change anything before I post it.

Tentative outline of remaining stories: Blood and Promises, The Road to Hell, Dead Man’s Gambit, Forever and a Day, Daylight. BUT DON’T HOLD ME TO THAT I MIGHT INSERT ANOTHER ONE SOMEWHERE.

Starborn & Kestrien

I’ve been letting them sit for the month, as I wanted to get CC rolling along well and TOSOT is taking up the rest of my time. Probably going to pick up worldbuilding on them both again. I want to ramble about Starborn in particular, and I’m hoping to get to a point soon where I can write some character one-shots without immediately contradicting myself because I changed my mind. I have private World Anvil sites for both, but so far they’re full of spoilers because I’ve been using them to work out some stuff I want to write. I’m considering making public versions.