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Is this thing on?

It’s weird how things go in circles. I used to have Livejournals (childofatlantis was my main) until the site fell apart. I moved to Dreamwidth (brightwanderer) and put my fanfic on AO3 (Atalan), but never really found the sort of community that I’d had on LJ. Eventually I got on Tumblr (seaskystone), but I’ve found that I don’t like it for text-heavy content, and now it’s heading down the same death spiral as LJ in the war between content producers and advertisers.

So here I am starting an Actual Blog and feeling weirdly old-fashioned about it, even though blogging has never really gone away. I also feel like I should be producing only Serious Blog Content or something. That, uh. That may not happen. I like to shitpost as much as anyone.

Anyway this is where you will find my Very Important Thoughts on writing, on various useful things I’ve learned and would like to share, and on my current creative projects. There may occasionally be Bad Art to illustrate my progress in teaching myself to draw. There will probably be random updates about my life. And there will definitely be cat pictures.

I am blep cat see me blep
I am blep cat see me blep