Humanity’s first exodus to the stars was a panicked rush in all directions, using the newly-discovered Heliodendritic Network to flee a dying Earth like rats from a sinking ship. But against the odds, Earth rallied and began to recover, whilst the would-be colonists discovered that even a seemingly benign alien world presented unique and sometimes insurmountable challenges to permanent settlement.

The Republic of Earth was founded on the principle of reuniting the human diaspora, supporting the struggling colonies, and building a sustainable future for the planet that had given humans life. It was even going pretty well, until Grand Admiral Gideon Duval took nearly every vessel in the spacefleet with him to join a newly-formed rival power, the Coalition of Independent Systems. Now the Republic is scrambling to rebuild its forces in the face of Coalition aggression, the colony planets are caught between two powers, and the greatest question that has ever faced humanity still remains unanswered: are there other intelligent beings out there?

And do they mean us harm?

Siridian Martel has barely started officer training and has no business being in charge of four unruly teenage pilots, but they’re his siblings, and there’s no-one else who can do it. Not when the five of them, subjected to an illegal experiment in biotech, share an empathic link that surpasses any bond of blood. The Republic is hurting for talent, which is the only reason anyone’s willing to give them a chance. Siridian is determined to prove their worth and dispel the stigma of their strange abilities… if he can just get the other four to cooperate.

Aster Hyland is a scientist and explorer who left on an expedition thirty years ago, and never returned. Now his stasis pod has been found in deep space by the Coalition, and he has awakened to a vastly different world. Overwhelmed by the changes and the realisation of everything he’s lost, he’s given no time to collect himself, as he is forced to adapt to the new order and figure out which side of the conflict he ought to be on.

Starborn (working title) is a series of soft sci-fi adventure/romance novels. There will be so much shipping (and not just the interstellar kind). Hope you like slowburn!