October Update. Of sorts.

… yeah, that did NOT go the way I hoped. I’ve spent all of October in a severe fatigue crash, bad enough that I haven’t been able to write much at all except occasional bits of random fluff. I’ve been over-optimistically hoping that I’d bounce back in time for NaNo, but although I am now doing better, I think trying to launch into my original November plan would be like trying to run a marathon on a half-healed broken leg.

Instead, I think I’ll spend November getting back up to speed in general, and working on CC and fanfic like I had originally planned for October. I’m toying with doing prompts for Starborn like I did for Kestrien last year, but I feel like I’ve got enough to be getting on with for a month. And I really want the first CC book finished by the end of the year.

Perhaps I will hold my own private NaNo sometime at the start of next year! The space gays are still calling me…