September Writing and Projects Update

(What happened to July and August, Helen? Good Omens happened, and then specifically Pray for Us, Icarus happened and devoured my soul. However I did also move CC on by 10k and in a new and exciting direction, somewhere in the midst of the haze of angsty AU vibes.)

I have a mad plan, or possibly a genius strategy, I’m not sure which. I find myself very tempted by NaNoWriMo this year. Specifically I’d really like to blast the first Starborn novel and get some sort of feel for the story, even if I end up scrapping everything I write on that first go. But as usual, I’ve got multiple in-progress projects that could really use another 50k added onto them, particularly Celestial Chronicle (50k would finish the first book, easy) and I am unsure of my own ability to write a complete original novel in just 50k.

But I have discovered over the last couple of months that now my health has improved and I’ve got back into the habit and enthusiasm of writing, my speed is way up, and 50k in a month is no longer a particularly special goal. So here’s what I’m thinking: spend October finishing the first book of Celestial Chronicle (and writing Instructions Not Included, which has been a bit neglected due to the aforementioned AU) and then spend November completely obsessed with Starborn to see if I can get something out that’s more in the 75k-100k range. I just really, really need/want to write “Disaster Gays Rescue Sad Bisexual From Poor Life Choices IN SPACE”, but I keep getting stuck on the worldbuilding/storytelling balance with it. For a fast burst in something like NaNo, I’m willing to be utterly shameless in just stealing plots and tropes from other things, which may in turn give me more of a structure to build on during a rewrite.

(I am currently playing Subnautica, a survival/exploration game with some absolutely lovely ecological worldbuilding, but perhaps more importantly for this particular context, it features a Good Old Sci-Fi Standby plot: ship crash on planet, other ship go to investigate, that ship also crash, Weird Alien Shit. I am eyeing this plot thoughtfully and considering shoving it into a sack and throwing it at the Disaster Gays. I mean, Starborn is meant to be that kind of series anyway, it’s practically built from the ground up on all my “distress beacon/lost ship/abandoned colony” scenarios I have sitting around in notes files. Maybe I should just dive right into it.)

Anyway, that’s the plan. Casually finish a novel (and a novella if we count INI), casually launch self into attempting to write 75-100k in a month. No pressure.

P.S. I now have a Ko-Fi and a Patreon. There’s not much going on at the Patreon yet but I’m considering posting snippets of the NaNo attempt during November, if I get any interest. Any support is appreciated, as I am currently not working a day job: getting an income stream going, even a small one, will mean I can continue to dedicate my time to writing rather than needing to start thinking about returning to work as my health improves.